10 Reasons to buy from Perkiomen

Top 10 Reasons To Buy from Tailwind

10. The Perkiomen Trail at our back door

Look at all those bikes! You could get lost in here!9.  Rentals (just in case your friend doesn't have a bike!!!)

8. Authorized service for  Pinarello, Gary FisherJamis, Redline, Torker, Surly, Salsa, and Fit Bike Co,

7. Awesome Gazebo and waterfall to relax before continuing on your journey. 

 6. You will look and feel better!

5. Lower your blood pressure and cholesterol

We have LOTS of jerseys to choose from!4. Better for the Environment

3. No traffic jams on the trail !!!

2.  Gas prices in excess of $2.00 per gallon

50 miles per gallon of water