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Finish Line Tubeless Tire Sealer
Finish Line Tubeless Tire Sealer

A New Standard In Sealant.

Finish Line's Tubeless Tire Sealant will change the way you think about sealant. It will never dry out, is non-toxic, and cleans-up with a wet rag. Sealants from other brands cure inside tires and need to be refreshed to maintain effectiveness. They are often latex based and contain ammonia, causing irritating odors and harsh cleanup situations. Learn more about the new standard in tubeless sealants.

The Problem

Current sealants dry out within months, losing effectiveness and leaving sticky cured latex inside tires and rims. These sealants require refreshing and most give off an irritating ammonia odor.

The Solution

Develop a non-latex, ammonia-free formulation. Innovate with FiberLink™ technology. Use Kevlar® fibers to reinforce seals.

The Product

Finish Line Tubeless Tire Sealant will never dry out. It never needs refreshing and lasts the entire usable life of the tire. This perfectly homogeneous sealant never needs shaking and never separates inside the tire. Proprietary FiberLink™ mesh seals are reinforced with Kevlar®. This unique formulation is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and cleans up easily with a wet rag.

The Team

Finish Line worked with Multi Seal Corp., a leading manufacturer of industrial and military tire sealants. This collaboration has resulted in a category changing product, and a new standard in tubeless tire sealant.


Does it need to be refreshed? No

How long will it last? The usable life of the tire

Does it contain latex or ammonia? No

Is it toxic or flammable? No

Do I need to shake it? No

Can I use CO2 to inflate/seat tire? Yes

Can I use in cold temps? Yes, down to -10°F

What size puncture will it seal? Up to ¼”

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