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CatEye Helmet Mount
This helmet mount works with all CatEye Lights. Pair it with the Volt 800 for the ultimate trail solution.
Louis Garneau Raid Visor
The Raid Visor is specifically designed to function with Garneau’s Raid Helmet models. It offers easy installation thanks to its V-Plus fitting system and can be adjusted to several different positions to block the sun’s rays—ideal when you’re exploring the trails in the height of summer. - Specifically designed for the Raid helmet, this visor fits perfectly in the design
Louis Garneau Spiderlock Pro II
• Adjustable and detachable rack-and-pinion mechanism • Requires one hand to adjust • Compatible with the Diamond II and Quartz II helmets and all helmets sold with the Spiderlock Elite system • Adjustable angle
Louis Garneau Spiderlock Pro TT STD
Garneau's Spiderlock Pro TT is a helmet stabilizing system independent from the strap system. It has a lightweight, ventilated polymer neck support for added comfort. Easily tightened on the head using only one hand thanks to its dented anti-slip wheel, it also offers several positions of adjustable inclination. It's compatible with the P-09 helmet as well as all helmets sold with the SpiderlockElite system (each sold separately).
Louis Garneau Spiderlock 4D
The Spiderlock 4D is the next generation in Garneau’s groundbreaking series of innovative helmet fit systems. The Spiderlock 4D provides unprecedented control over exactly how your helmet sits, with the introduction of a second mechanism— which allows you to tune the height, as well as the lateral fit. At just 26 grams, this is one of the lightest fit systems in the world of cycling. It’s also exceptionally stable, thanks to the four anchor supports—so you won’t be irritated by a helmet that wobbles in place or slips back over time. A large rubber adjustment wheel allows for easy corrections, even if you're wearing gloves. The Spiderlock 4D system is available with Garneau's Héros, Shine, Sprint and Raid models. - Compatible with the Héros MIPS RTR, Héros RTR, Shine MIPS RTR and Shine RTR helmets
Louis Garneau Spiderlock SL II
• Adjustable rack-and-pinion system • Requires one hand to adjust • Includes ergonomic foam padding • Lightweight
Louis Garneau Visor Le Tour
• Specifically designed for the Le Tour Helmet (sold separately) • Easily adapts to all helmets featuring the V-Pro system
Louis Garneau Visor Edge
• Specifically designed for the Edge Helmet (sold separately) • Visor perfectly fits in the design • Easily adapts to all helmets featuring the V-Pro system
Jandd Helmet Cover
The Jandd Helmet Cover offers protection from the elements. - 3M Reflective Tape is sewn to the front and back, additionally the back has a loop for a high-visibility flashing light - Made with 200 Nylon Oxford with a laminated urethane layer, heat sealed seams and sew holes - Fits most bike helmets and keeps water from penetrating - NOTE: One size does not fit all, this cover is intended for standard helmets without a visor
Louis Garneau H2 Helmet Cover
When chilly, soggy weather rolls through, Garneau's H2 Helmet Cover keeps you both warm and dry. It's made from a polyurethane-coated spandex that's water resistant. The sealed seams and a snug stretch band that fits easily over your helmet also keep water from seeping in. Plus, when the sun's not shining, the high-visibility yellow color and reflective accents will help make you visible to others.
Lazer Sport Max+ Padset
Replacement Pads for Lazer's Max+ Kids helmet
Lazer Sport Visor (X3M, 2X3M)
Replacement Visor for Lazer X3M and 2X3M Helmets
Lazer Sport Compact Padset
Replacement helmet pads for Lazer Compact Helmet
Bellwether Aqua-No Helmet Cover
Water-resistant stretchable cover that can be pulled on as the elements demand its use. - Waterproof shell - Fits over helmet - Reflective accents for visibility
Louis Garneau Visor VX
• Detachable rack-and-pinion mechanism that can be adjusted using only one hand to stabilize the helmet on the head • Compatible with Garneau's P-06, Course, Quartz II and Carve II helmets (each sold separately)
Lazer Sport Inclination Sensor DIY Kit
The Lazer Inclination Sensor is the ultimate training tool to make you faster. It will keep you in your most aerodynamic position so you can cheat the wind and be as fast as you can be. It's like having a personal trainer in your helmet, encouraging you to keep performing at your top level. By delivering you real time feedback, it alerts you when you deviate from your optimal position and helps you find that sweet spot again. The Lazer Inclination Sensor is a simple and easy-to-use tool that will turn you into a faster rider. - Integrates seamlessly into 2016 and later WASP Air models - Easy set up via computer controls notifications, movement range - Contains: sensor unit, mount plate, charge cable, manual and Velcro attachments - Rechargeable battery is included in the sensor unit WHY? Amateur riders, weekend warriors, seasoned professionals…everybody is affected by fatigue during a ride, and the change in body posture it brings along with it. During a time trial or triathlon bike leg, this results is a less aerodynamic position on the bike and thus a slower ride. But how do you notice this change in body posture? Well, you couldn't up to now. But that has all changed with the arrival of the Lazer Inclination Sensor. WHAT? The Lazer Inclination Sensor is a body posture monitor that allows you to track your aerodynamic cycling posture in real time. The monitor tracks your head and helmet position and provides you with tactile or acoustic feedback when you are out of your optimal aerodynamic position. Before using the monitor it should be calibrated towards your optimal aerodynamic cycling position. For the best result, the calibration should take place in a wind tunnel with the help of aerodynamic experts. But it works just as well when you visit a training center or shop with experienced professionals to help you find that ideal aero position. The monitor aims at making you aware of your head position while riding, and guiding you towards that sweet spot where you cheat the wind as best as possible.
Lazer Sport O2 XC Visor
Replacement visor for Lazer O2 XC Helmet
Lazer Sport Crazy Nutshell
The Crazy Nutshell is a snap-on cover designed to fit over the P’Nut and Nut’Z helmets. Besides protecting children from rain, snow and dirt, it also makes it possible to quickly change the look of the helmet. Everybody knows children get bored easily–with the Crazy Nutshell your kid can have a new look on his helmet every day.
Lazer Sport Rollsys X-Static Front Pad
- Fits small and medium Helium and other Rollsys equipped helmets - Designed for Helium Helmet, but also offers a "B" fit for other Lazer Rollsys helmets - X-Static pads are an anti-microbial, self-cleaning pad system
Lazer Sport Compact Visor
Replacement visor for Lazer Compact/Tempo helmets
Lazer Sport Helium Winter Padset
Lazer's Winter Padset keeps your head warm on chilly rides so cycling doesn’t have to stop when winter season starts. These helmet-specific pads replace the standard padding with an insulated liner that wraps around your head and covers your ears for a beanie-like fit. Lazer keeps you going all year round. - Fits Lazer's Helium Helmet only
Lazer Sport Genesis Insectmesh Padset
Say "buzz off" to bugs with Lazer's Genesis Insectmesh Padset. The mesh insect padding replaces the original Genesis helmet padding and covers the ventilation holes so insects cannot reach your head. This keeps insects out of the helmets for a stress-free ride.
Nutcase Street Foam Pad Set
No two heads are exactly the same. Give your Nutcase Gen3 Street helmet an exact custom fit with removable and versatile foam pads in three different sizing sets. Comes in 3mm, 6mm, and 9mm thicknesses. Crown pad is 3mm thick. Please note: This pad set is meant as a replacement for worn out pads, and does not need to be purchased with new helmets. All Gen3 Small & Medium helmets come with one set of 3mm & one set of 6mm pads; Large comes with those two sets and the additional 9mm back pad.
Lazer Sport Genesis Winter Padset
Lazer's Winter Padset keeps your head warm on chilly rides so cycling doesn’t have to stop when winter season starts. These helmet-specific pads replace the standard padding with an insulated liner that wraps around your head and covers your ears for a beanie-like fit. Lazer keeps you going all year round. - Fits Lazer's Genesis Helmet only
Lazer Sport Rollsys LED Upgrade Kit
Lazer Rollsys LED Upgrade Kit - Includes a Rollsys cap, batteries, LED assembly, and instructions
Lazer Sport Tardiz X-Static Padset
Replacement pads for Lazer's Tardiz helmets - X-Static pads are an anti-microbial, self-cleaning pad system
Nutcase Removable Street Ear Pads
Keep your ears nice and toasty. Nutcase's removable ear pads provide comfort and warmth on those brisk and chilly rides. Compatible with Nutcase Street (Bike & Skate) and Little Nutty lines only. Not compatible with Metroride, Baby Nutty, Moto, Snow, or Water.
Lazer Sport Vandal Visor
Replacement visor for Lazer's Vandal Helmet
CatEye Duplex Helmet Light SL-LD400
Looking for a great around town lighting system at a very reasonable price? The Duplex is just that. Providing both headlight and rear light in one unit, the Duplex easily mounts to your helmet with an included rubber strap and provides up to 100 hours of run time on only two AAA batteries. The light is easy to operate and can be switched between constant beam and flashing modes simply by pressing and holding a button. Making yourself visible in city traffic can help motorists see you better, and a good helmet-mounted light that is worn on your head, up and away from the distraction of car lights, can really make you stand out in a sea of vehicles. Use your head, and use a light. Features - Dimensions: 70.5 x 28.5 x 23 mm - Weight: 51.5 g (with bracket and batteries) - Light source: White LED x1, Red LED x1 - Battery: AAA alkaline battery x2 - Mount: Rubber band (Long) Modes/Run Time - (Front) Constant mode (15 lumens): 100hrs - (Rear) Constant mode (10 lumens): 100hrs - (Front) Flashing mode (30 lumens): 100hrs - (Rear) Flashing mode (10 lumens): 100hrs
Lazer Sport Helium Aeroshell
The Aeroshell is a plastic cover designed to fit perfectly over specific models of Lazer helmets. The Aeroshell snaps into place and protects the rider's head from wind and rain while still allowing for some air movement under the front of the helmet and out the rear vents. The Aeroshell is unique in that it is easily removed from the helmet when riding conditions are such that additional ventilation is desired. Snap it on when the rain is pouring down and pull it off when the sun starts to shine—the Aeroshell is the perfect tool for every possible condition. Additionally, the Aeroshell provides a significant increase in aerodynamic performance once it is installed on the helmet. By closing off the ventilation holes, the amount of aerodynamic drag the helmet creates is strongly reduced, making your road helmet into an aero helmet and resulting in a faster ride. - Fits Lazer's Helium helmet only
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