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Traczer Tanto 3-Wheeler

Traczer Tanto 3-Wheeler
$2,650.00 - $3,300.00
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Traczer's Tanto 3-Wheeler is all about straight-line speed, and they must be doing it right. The tanto won the 4-dog division at the 2018 European Championships in Sweden.

Three 26-inch wheels offer stable geometry and plow through mud, sand, and snow with ease. This ultralight cart is made specifically for a 4-dog team. The frame’s unique design allows for quick dismounts for kicking and running uphill.

Off-road Schwalbe tires and disc brakes on all three wheels give you total control and keep things in check in any and all conditions. The wide handlebars are nice and wide for perfect maneuverability and stability.

The aluminum frame strikes the perfect balance of light weight, stiffness, and durability. The entire rig weighs between 24 and 29 pounds, depending on build options.


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