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Ergon - Bike Ergonomics

Saddles Inspired for Women - by Women

From Research to Results

To create its new series of saddles for women, the Ergon Research and Development Team began by understanding the female body. They then tested and optimized the saddle prototypes using feedback both from the fastest and most demanding female cyclists in the world, the Canyon/SRAM team, as well as from recreational female cyclists.

The result? A completely rethought and redesigned series of saddles that account for the unique characteristics of the female anatomy. A more comfortable riding experience, on road and off. A saddle that’s perfect for you.

Specific Characteristics of Female Anatomy

More Flexibility

More Flexibility
Women are significantly more flexible in the pelvic area than men. This is why, when in the saddle, their pelvis often rocks further forward.

More Flexibility

Low Pubic Symphysis
For women, the distance between the sit bones and the pubic symphysis is lower by a quarter than in men.

More Flexibility

Pressure Distribution
Due to the female anatomy, a pressure centre emerges in the genital area, unless relief measures are taken.

Comfort Is In The Details

Comfort Is In The Details

1. Relief Inlays
OrthoCell Inlays provide support under the sit bones as well as throughout the nose of the saddle.

2. Relief Channel
A noticeable cutout that is positioned further forward in the saddle design provides specific pressure relief for the female anatomy.

3. Wide Front
A wide nose allows for a large relief zone without interfering edges.

4. Shape
The V-shape optimally supports the pubic bone and the pressure is transferred to the bony structures.

5. Ramp
The ramp particularly supports the buttocks when in a rocked forward position, allowing for improved power distribution to the pedals.

6. Short Nose
Saddle length is reduced to a minimum in order to improve the freedom of movement on the bike.

Ergon Women's Road Bike Saddles

Ergon Women’s Road Saddles

The innovative women’s specific road bike saddle design. Its shape and relief exactly fit the female anatomy in the rocked-forward position that is experienced on the road. To no surprise, the SR Pro Women saddle is the choice of World Champion Pauline Ferrand-Prevot.

Ergon Women's Mountain Bike Saddles

Ergon Women’s Mountain Saddles

Unbelievably comfortable mountain bike saddles for women. Pressure relief inlays and relief channels prevent discomfort and numbness. The saddle shape allows for fast changes from seated to downhill positions and overall freedom of movement. Built for climbing, shredding, and more.

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