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Sunday Model C 24-inch
Sunday’s Model C is the freestyle bike’s 24-inch older brother. With modern geometry, its partial chromoly frame and fork keep you young while keeping the ride super chill. But, the Model C is set up with legit BMX parts, so you can get as rad as you want to get. You’ve got a Sunday Freeze top-load stem: choice of the pros, with Sunday hubs and Lightning rims, ensuring you stay rolling smoothly on 24 x 2.2-inch Odyssey Pursuit tires. A Sunday Tripod seat throws in a little BMX-sophisticated, and stout, 3-piece chromoly cranks dish it out, spinning on a mid bottom bracket, while Odyssey Springfield brakes dial it back in. Take it easy or take it to the street hard. Either way, you’re set up on the Model C.
Sunday Primer 18-inch
Sunday’s Primer 18-inch is not too small and not too big. For you rising stars and smaller riders, it’s a graduation to a rig that has progressed as far as you have. The Primer’s tough frame and fork take your riding up a notch with chromoly dropouts and a mid bottom bracket. An Odyssey brake lets you bail when you need to, and 152.5mm chromoly cranks take abuse all day and ask for more. The Primer’s 25 x 9T drivetrain gets you up to speed quick and stays tucked out of the way while Sunday Current 18 x 2.2 tires provide grip and cush to stick big landings. Time to make your name known — Primer is the tool of choice.
Sunday Forecaster
If it’s good enough for pro riders, Aaron Ross and Mark Burnett, it’ll easily handle what most of us can dish out. Sunday’s Forecaster delivers the goods with a rock-solid rig that is ready for anything you can dream up. The frame’s chromoly downtube and dropouts put strength where you need it most, and Sunday Lightning rims uphold that toughness for all-day street sessions that end with no need for maintenance. Crank up your chromoly cranks with Odyssey’s Twisted PC pedals, and let the freecoaster hub do its magic, hooking up when it’s go time, and spinning free to open up new trick territory. Sealed bearings all around keep you rolling smoothly on your Odyssey Pursuit tires with 2.4 inches of asphalt-gripping width to grab the street and soak up the airs to flat. You don’t have to be a pro to ride their bike.
Sunday Scout
Start racking up the street cred on Sunday’s Scout. With a chromoly downtube and dropouts, the Scout frame leaves little to be desired, delivering reliability, light weight, and the best colors on the street. It comes with a grip of aftermarket parts, like Pursuit tires, Springfield brake, Twisted PC pedals, and Broc Raiford Grips from Odyssey. Sunday’s fully sealed hubs keep you spinning free with minimal maintenance, and the Sunday Tripod seat looks good and holds up to a thrashing. Keep progressing, keep impressing, and do it all on your Scout.
Sunday Primer
Just getting into BMX? That doesn’t mean you have to cut corners with your gear. Sunday’s Primer gets you up and running strong with a minimal cash investment, and keeps you rolling with a durable frame featuring chromoly dropouts and mid bottom bracket. It’s decked out with pro-quality components like Sunday’s Freeze stem, Cloud seat and post combo, and 3-piece chromoly cranks. Fat, 2.4-inch Odyssey Pursuit tires stick like glue to all kinds of surfaces, while 36-hole P-7X rims hold up to the abuse you’ll inflict upon them. The Odyssey Springfield brake gives you that stopping power that comes in handy sometimes, and 25-9 gearing gets you ups to speed without getting in the way. Now it’s your turn to make a name for yourself on the Primer.
Sunday Street Sweeper
If you dream of handrails that go on for miles and bring a bar of curb wax to a wedding just in case, the Sunday’s Street Sweeper is the bike for you. As Jake Seeley’s pro model bike, you know it’s good to go. Its full-chromoly frame and fork look rad in translucent purple and deliver lightweight strength for committed airs and hard landings. Odyssey Quadrant rims hold up to vicious treatment and are light enough to nail that double tail whip, wrapped in dual-compound Sunday Street Sweeper tires for ultimate, long-lasting grip. The sealed mid bottom bracket and front and rear hubs keep the grit out for silky-smooth operation, while the freecoaster driver provides the smooth action that makes your tricks flow like water. The Street Sweeper’s aftermarket spec and pro-level design means there’s nothing left to hold you back.
Sunday EX
Looking for something more right out of the box? Sunday’s EX answers your prayers with Chromoly Wave tubing for all the important frame tubes, as well as a full-chromoly fork: a pair that can handle it all and shave some weight in the process. Solid aftermarket components from Sunday adorn this rig, including Saker chromoly cranks with aluminum Sabertooth V2 sprocket, sealed bearing hubs, Lightning rims, and Freeze top-load stem. Odyssey rounds out the spec, with their awesome Pursuit 2.4 tires, signature grips, and popular Twisted PC pedals. With no need for upgrades on the EX, nothing stands in your way.
Sunday Soundwave Special
Are you obsessed with pushing harder, going bigger, and amazing yourself every time you get on a bike? Sunday built a bike for you. It's called the Soundwave Special, and it’s Gary Young’s go-to whip when he wants to blow away expectations. Its lightweight, full-chromoly frame, fork, and handlebar have undergone Odyssey’s 41 Thermal heat treatment process, so Sunday has no problem giving them all a lifetime warranty. Its Odyssey Thunderbolt cranks were enhanced the same way, and their 2-piece design makes them even lighter with no strength compromise. Odyssey decked out the wheels with their incredible Hazard Lite rims, Quartet front hub and Clutch Freecoaster rear, all wrapped up in dual-density Street Sweeper tires from Sunday. Gary Young signature grips and monogrammed Odyssey Tripod seat team up with Odyssey Twisted PC pedals to keep you in touch with your rig, so you’ve got the control you need to push your game over the edge. Now, go do something you never thought you could.
Sunday Blueprint 16-inch
Is your kid just starting to get into BMX? Sunday’s Blueprint 16-inch has the gear for all-day fun and forget-about-it toughness. With a Hi-Ten steel frame and list of durable, street-smart parts, they’ll start earning street cred while they gain balance, strength, and confidence. Legit 2.1-inch tires keep them in control and hold up to daily abuse. We all have to start somewhere. Why not start ‘em out on a Sunday?
Sunday Primer 16-inch
Sunday’s Primer 16-inch is a small bike with a big bag of tricks. Kids and smaller riders, it’s time to step it up to a rig that has progressed as far as you have. The Primer’s frame and fork take you up a notch with chromoly dropouts and a mid bottom bracket. An Odyssey brake gives you an out when you need it, and 140mm chromoly cranks take abuse all day and ask for more. The Primer’s 25 x 10T drivetrain gets you up to speed quick and stays tucked out of the way, while Sunday Current 2.1 tires provide grip and cush to stick big landings. With Sunday’s Primer, what will you add to YOUR bag of tricks?
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