Orbea Orca OMR

Orbea Orca OMR
  • Color: Black-Grey
  • Color: Black-Red
  • Color: Black-Red-White
  • Color: Blue-Orange
  • Color: Mint-Black
  • Color: Yellow-Red
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The Orbea Orca's design uses the most technologically advanced carbon construction to make the most sophisticated frames possible—a complex and painstaking process with results you will appreciate on the road. Its geometry is born from almost 100 years of designing road racing bikes and is the perfect balance of responsiveness and stability. The position is aggressive to maximize body aerodynamics and efficiency, while the handling is precise and intuitive. Angles and dimensions are considered carefully across a range of sizes to put more power to the road with every pedal stroke, and more power means more speed.

In order to best accommodate for external forces on the frame—whether cornering stresses or vibration from rough roads—the Orca uses narrow, thin-walled seatstays to give maximum traction and control over rough surfaces without compromising the bike's overall rigidity. The natural flex patterns created by the carbon layup and minimal bulk of the top tube and seat stays deliver a dynamic, smooth ride that feels like floating over rough roads. The Freeflow fork utilizes a wider opening where the rim and tire pass through, reducing pressure and turbulence which results in a faster bike. Internal routing results in a cleaner aesthetic and has the added benefit of protecting the cables from the elements. With sharp colors that really make it stand out and a carefully curated suite of performance components, the Orca is perfect for the weekend warrior and dedicated racer alike.


Frame Orbea Orca carbon OMP, monocoque, tapered 1-1/8" – 1.5", PF 86mm, power meter compatible, internal cable routing, EC/DC compatible
Fork Orca OMR carbon fork, full carbon steerer, tapered 1-1/8" – 1.5"
Headset FSA 1-1/8 – 1-1/2" Integrated Carbon Cup ACB Bearings

* Subject to change without notice.

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN Store SKU
Black-Grey / 47cm 08434446349799 J90247AU ORC18735473Y
Black-Grey / 49cm 08434446349867 J90249AU ORC1847056Y
Black-Grey / 51cm 08434446349935 J90251AU ORC18869360Y
Black-Grey / 53cm 08434446350009 J90253AU ORC1850711Y
Black-Grey / 55cm 08434446350078 J90255AU ORC18647715Y
Black-Grey / 57cm 08434446350146 J90257AU ORC18411947Y
Black-Grey / 60cm 08434446350214 J90260AU ORC18188703Y
Black-Red / 47cm 08434446349782 J90247AT ORC1755383D
Black-Red / 49cm 08434446349850 J90249AT ORC17571935D
Black-Red / 51cm 08434446349928 J90251AT ORC17608839D
Black-Red / 53cm 08434446349997 J90253AT ORC17815818D
Black-Red / 55cm 08434446350061 J90255AT ORC17202421D
Black-Red / 57cm 08434446350139 J90257AT ORC17882595D
Black-Red / 60cm 08434446350207 J90260AT ORC17289779D
Black-Red-White / 47cm 08434446349805 J90247AV ORC19330075H
Black-Red-White / 49cm 08434446349874 J90249AV ORC1931596H
Black-Red-White / 51cm 08434446349942 J90251AV ORC19762180H
Black-Red-White / 53cm 08434446350016 J90253AV ORC19609774H
Black-Red-White / 55cm 08434446350085 J90255AV ORC19972140H
Black-Red-White / 57cm 08434446350153 J90257AV ORC19469544H
Black-Red-White / 60cm 08434446350221 J90260AV ORC19618941H
Blue-Orange / 47cm 08434446349812 J90247AW ORC20128327G
Blue-Orange / 49cm 08434446349881 J90249AW ORC20990640G
Blue-Orange / 51cm 08434446349959 J90251AW ORC20929688G
Blue-Orange / 53cm 08434446350023 J90253AW ORC20481473G
Blue-Orange / 55cm 08434446350092 J90255AW ORC20583339G
Blue-Orange / 57cm 08434446350160 J90257AW ORC20418487G
Blue-Orange / 60cm 08434446350238 J90260AW ORC20338703G
Euskadi Team Color / 47cm 08434446399329 J90247TD ORC19128945I
Euskadi Team Color / 49cm 08434446399336 J90249TD ORC19431471I
Euskadi Team Color / 51cm 08434446399343 J90251TD ORC19296140I
Euskadi Team Color / 53cm 08434446399350 J90253TD ORC19272555I
Euskadi Team Color / 55cm 08434446399367 J90255TD ORC19361044I
Euskadi Team Color / 57cm 08434446399374 J90257TD ORC19585929I
Euskadi Team Color / 60cm 08434446399381 J90260TD ORC19215399I
Mint-Black / 47cm 08434446349829 J90247AX ORC20103415K
Mint-Black / 49cm 08434446349898 J90249AX ORC20734181K
Mint-Black / 51cm 08434446349966 J90251AX ORC20130623K
Mint-Black / 53cm 08434446350030 J90253AX ORC20147691K
Mint-Black / 55cm 08434446350108 J90255AX ORC20658289K
Mint-Black / 57cm 08434446350177 J90257AX ORC20837749K
Mint-Black / 60cm 08434446350245 J90260AX ORC20365871K
MyO - Custom Color / 47cm 08434446349843 J90247CM ORC17753295M
MyO - Custom Color / 49cm 08434446349911 J90249CM ORC17144275M
MyO - Custom Color / 51cm 08434446349980 J90251CM ORC17566367M
MyO - Custom Color / 53cm 08434446350054 J90253CM ORC17609224M
MyO - Custom Color / 55cm 08434446350122 J90255CM ORC17270116M
MyO - Custom Color / 57cm 08434446350191 J90257CM ORC17621889M
MyO - Custom Color / 60cm 08434446350269 J90260CM ORC17894021M
Vital Concept Team Color / 47cm 08434446398605 J90247TB ORC19494693T
Vital Concept Team Color / 49cm 08434446398629 J90249TB ORC19242156T
Vital Concept Team Color / 51cm 08434446398643 J90251TB ORC19908647T
Vital Concept Team Color / 53cm 08434446398667 J90253TB ORC19917923T
Vital Concept Team Color / 55cm 08434446398681 J90255TB ORC19101097T
Vital Concept Team Color / 57cm 08434446398704 J90257TB ORC19504264T
Vital Concept Team Color / 60cm 08434446398728 J90260TB ORC19259376T
Yellow-Red / 47cm 08434446349836 J90247AY ORC20451449D
Yellow-Red / 49cm 08434446349904 J90249AY ORC2065346D
Yellow-Red / 51cm 08434446349973 J90251AY ORC20338452D
Yellow-Red / 53cm 08434446350047 J90253AY ORC20590662D
Yellow-Red / 55cm 08434446350115 J90255AY ORC20225249D
Yellow-Red / 57cm 08434446350184 J90257AY ORC20957223D
Yellow-Red / 60cm 08434446350252 J90260AY ORC20450611D

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